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Cherokee County 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week on 102.9 FM

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Sponsorship Rates

Grace Radio, 102.9 Canton is unique.  .. located in Cherokee County .....  news, weather, music and programs for Cherokee County ..... serving only Cherokee County ..... non-profit /non-commercial 501(c)3 station ..... 24 hours daily. ...   We are Cherokee County's local radio station.

Underwriting Announcements   (WPCG 102.9 FM is a non-commercial station and airs underwriting announcements instead of commercials)

Announcements are approximately 30-seconds in length and include the following:

  • Air on 102.9 FM , serving Canton and surrounding communities in Cherokee County.
  • Sponsors receive a home page listing on GraceFMcanton.com with a link to sponsor's website
  • Announcements written by WPCG Underwriting Manager to comply with FCC regulations for non-profit broadcasters

Underwriting Announcement Packages

Per Spot - $4 each.  Best Time Available.  $60 minimum order.
Monthly - $100 for one announcement each weekday.  Best Time Available, i.e. next to daily "Cherokee Talk" if space is available.

Multiple packages may be purchased for greater impact.

Payment Options

Monthly prepayment required.  WPCG will mail, or email a monthly reminder .
Prepaid for five months - sixth is free.  

Prepay for 9 1/2 months - 2 1/2 are free

Program Underwriting

Your church, ministry, or other non-profit organization can air its own daily or weekly program on Grace Radio 102.9

Underwriting Rates

     Daily (Monday - Friday)
     $ 60 per week - 5 minutes daily
     $250 per week - 15-25 minutes daily

     Once a Week (any weekday)
     $50 - 25 minutes weekly

Program Underwriting Requirements

  • Belief Statement: Underwriter must be in agreement with Grace Radio's Belief Statement (click here)
  • Sample Episode: A sample of the potential underwriter's program must be submitted for approval prior to airing
  • Acceptable Program Format: FTP download.
  • Deadline: Friday evening days prior to week of airing
  • Payment: Monthly in advance by check to "Cherokee FM Radio"

Business underwriting on Grace Radio should be deductible as an "advertising / public relations" expense

Rates are subject to change at any time and will be listed in this Underwriting Section of GraceFMcanton.com


We will write your announcement or you can provide the wording  based on these Underwriting Guidelines.